My Listings Guru

A simple service, a big help.

Input your listings in the MLS - and the guru gets busy:

   - Listing data is synchronized with the MLS.
   - A dedicated webpage is created for each listing, here's an example.
   - Listing info is sent automatically to Trulia and Zillow.

   - You get a confirmation email with all the info you need.

No frills. No contracts. No worries.
Only $25 a month. Sign up below.
FULL REFUND during first month if not satisfied.
See below for answers to frequently asked questions.

Choose the right plan for you

the GOOD plan

$ 20/mo
  • - Synchronization with MLS
  • - Dedicated Webpage for each listing (example)
I'll take the GOOD plan!

the GREAT plan

$ 25/mo
  • - Synchronization with MLS
  • - Dedicated Webpage for each listing (example)
  • - Listings served to Trulia and Zillow
I'll take the GREAT plan!

the PERFECT plan

$ 1250/mo
  • - Everything from the GREAT plan, plus...
  • - Qualified buyer provided for every listing
  • - 20 closings per month guaranteed
  • - A 3-day work-week

Ask the Guru

Two simple, targeted things; 1) Create a single-property webpage for each listing, and 2) serve it to Trulia and Zillow. First, we synchronize with your MLS data. Put it in the MLS, and it shows up in our system as well - you do not have to re-enter the data. We then create a single property website for each of your Active listings. With the "Great" plan, we also serve the listing information and photos to Trulia/Zillow and provide them with a link to that website (or a URL of your choosing) as their 'Virtual Tour' link.
At this moment, our service is available in the following MLS areas - REColorado (Denver), PPMLS (Colorado Springs), PAR (Pueblo), Cheyenne MLS (Cheyenne WY), and Wyoming MLS. We are still expanding and would certainly look into adding your MLS system if it's not listed. Tap/click here to Contact Us - we'll do some digging and get back to you ASAP.

You do not. We operate on a month to month basis. If at any time you choose not to continue, simply log in and opt out. You'll not be charged again. Also, if during your first month our service didn't meet your expectations, simply send us an email and we'll issue a full refund, no questions asked!

This system requires that you do exactly...nothing. Seriously, if you do not lift a finger your listings will 1) synchronize into our system, 2) a dedicated webpage will be created and, with the "Great Plan", 3) the link will be served to Trulia and Zillow. We will even 4) email you the info on every listing we've added (if you wish) so that you can easily use the link for marketing purposes. You CAN log in and do a few tweaks here and there if you wish, but you don't need to.  

Nope. Whatever photos you put in the MLS show up in our system as well. In the same order. Change them in the MLS, they get changed in our system.

We serve the necessary information to Trulia and Zillow. Beyond that, we do not (and will not) sell, trade, exchange, or reveal your personal info to anyone. We only use the bare essentials of listing data needed to create the presentations. We have no access to your listing information once it leaves an Active or UC status on the MLS.

Our system is constantly synchronizing. It's a long, complicated process with literally dozen of steps which need to fall neatly into place. Because of this, it's hard to say exactly but usually you'll see the listing show up in one to four hours after putting it in the MLS.

Trulia and Zillow ask that you allow 24-48 hours for the initial data to show up on their sites. Here's the procedure: we create an updated data feed six times a day that they pick up every four hours. Each updated feed informs them of the edits you make in the MLS system.

Working with these sites is not without its frustrations. Keep in mind that while we serve detailed information to these sites, we don't have much control over what they do with it. 98% of the time, things go smoothly. When it doesn't, let us know. We've built a good relationship with them and they are usually quick to respond to and fix problems.

Your Active and Under Contract listings will be in the system at all times. When they move to Off-Market, we immediately stop serving them to Trulia and Zillow (of course). We leave them in our system for 14 days, however, to give existing links placed/picked up on other websites time to expire. If you want them gone earlier, just let us know. Or, you can easily log in and delete them at any time.

Keep in mind that tweaks you make at the MLS will be reflected exactly in our system. So you'll make most of your listing edits there. You can, however, log in and do a few things inherent to our system - like adjusting the behavior of the photo display, adding a video or Matterport link, and hiding/displaying certain presentation sections, for example.

Accounts are designed to synchronize with only one 'MLS Agent ID'. Tap/click here to Contact Us about special pricing for multiple agents in the same office.

Happy to answer any and all that you may have! Tap/click here to Contact Us and we'll get back to you ASAP.